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Originally Posted by keropi View Post
why open a "support ticket" ? am I getting ignored because I posted pics here?
This is a news forum. It is a public forum where I am registered as a user. It is not a support forum. I am here on an irregular basis. If you post here that you have problems with your flickerfixer, it's the same as if you're hanging a sign into your window "my car does not work!" and expect the car manufacturer to read it, and react to it.

This has been stated a number of times before in other threads, and the Indivision AGA MK2 manual even states clearly that a public forum cannot expected to be a support forum. I may not be checking forums for months, but I'm checking eMails and the support ticket system at least weekly.

So yes, if you post a problem here, it does not exist for me.

Originally Posted by keropi View Post
Unless this is what the MK2 can offer then the issues are more than obvious:
There is no issue. Indivision AGA MK2 is doing exactly what you tell it to do: Sample 640 pixels and display 640 pixels on a 1280 wide screen. You tell it to create large borders, and it creates borders.

On the next picture, you tell it to skip pixels, and it does what you're telling it to do.

Try an 800x600 output screen for PAL-Hires and PAL-Hires interlace. If you expect Indivision AGA MK2 to create non-standard VGA modes on it's own, you're expecting the wrong thing from a unit that is expected to control each pixel of a screen digitally (that's what the DVI interface is for).

If you want a *scaled* picture, then create your own VGA output mode with the number of pixels that you want displayed. Indivision AGA MK2 will do what you tell it to do, even if the number of pixels is totally odd (for example 680x540, which might do the trick for a PAL-interlaced screen).

Originally Posted by keropi View Post
It does not matter what resolution you set, for example 800x600 shows nothing at all
Now here's an example why you should file a proper bug report:

- write down the type of monitor
- write down the type of cable you use to connect to that monitor
- make a screenshot of the settings for the particular mode you're interested in

...and send that to your reseller who should be able to help by checking if you have made some simple mistake, or if your monitor needs additional tweaks. Also, as you have surely read in the readme, the sync polarities of the preset output modes are mostly wrong, so playing around with that is a good idea (will be fixed in the next release, but is ignored by the majority of monitors).

You are strongly encouraged to play around with the values and cross-check with the technical data of your monitor(s) if the presets need updates.


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