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Originally Posted by TjLaZer View Post
How long did you test it/play it for?

Weird how some are getting lockup and some are not. And I have a lot of Amigas and on every one it will lock up. On my stock A1200 it last the longest BUT will lock up eventually. I think longest was 5 min on demo loop.
I played it earlier on my amiga 1200 for like 20 mins or so, until I completed it, just came up for me to enter name on highscore table when I reached black belt.

I've got the game running on both my amiga 1200 and winuae on os3.9 bb3 the same as my amiga 1200 right now.

Both have been running the demo loop for over an hour now with no lock up.

I checked both winuae and my amiga 1200 after two hours, my amiga had locked up, but winuae was still running the game ok.

Might just have been my amiga getting hot or might be the lock up you get, not sure, but like I said, was running ok in the first hour ok.

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