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Here is my theoretical TOP 20 PD GAMES list. Some of them are not from the list in the first post, but I really like them. I will not support them with a short review, because I am not a good writer and not a native english speaker.

1. Alien Fish Finger v1.31
2. Deluxe Galaga v2.6
3. Burton Bird
4. Cybernetix
5. Black Dawn 2 (and others from Black Dawn saga)
6. Dogfight v 1.1
7. Megaball AGA v4
8. Babeanoid
9. Scorched tanks
10. Mr. Beanbag
11. Downfall AGA
12. (Epsilon 9) (Edmund W. Clay)
13. (Blaster) (J. R. Evans)
14. Wizzy's quest
15. Knockout 2
16. (Quick money) (Ben Campbell)
17. (Motorola Invaders 2) (Martin Rebas)
18. Extreme violence
19. (Atoms) (Tom Kuhn)
20. (Hydrocis) (Sebastian Winkel)

EDIT: I forgot MASTER BLASTER! It must be no.2 in my list, just after AFF!!

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