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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Yes - any "warming up" issue is most likely a "leaked capacitor" issue. Just replace all electrolytic caps with ceramic caps - they last forever, and they're very affordable these days, even in high capacities.

Power supply: Many people believe that the power supply is "good" because it's new or has a high rating. However, the newer the PSU is, the more likely it is that it's a "cost-reduced-to-the-max" model with the cheapest Chinese components. The only way to find out if "good" power comes from it is to measure the ripple content of the +5V rail. This can only be done with an oscilloscope.

Jens. Thanks, I'll look in getting it re-capped, surface mount is a little bit over my skill level.

I believe that a-power is good not because it's new but because it was sold to me by who is knowledgeable about Amiga stuff. I have also had the same issue using the "bigfoot" PS. That one is an AT style PS sold by softhut number of years ago. I have good meter so I can test both with that, but even if I had an oscilloscope, I'm afraid I'd not know how to use it.


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