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Originally Posted by Nostromo View Post
Considering most A1200 users use their machine for just WHDLoad why doesn't someone make a cheap RAM card for the machine facilitating WHDLoad to work better due to extra RAM? Most probably it doesn't even have to have more than 32mb of RAM.
A very big segment of A1200 users only need a 4M or 8M RAM expansion so they can play the full selection of WHDLoad adapted games, but the lack of an expansion like this is about money as usual. Not about reaching margins, but about squeezing pennies out of customers and making as much money as possible.

You can f.ex put 128M RAM on an expansion and say it's a very advanced design and motivate a much higher price, even if 120M of that RAM will not be used by 99% of the customers.

Those 128M of RAM also serve to motivate putting a full 68020 on the board, since the 68EC020 inside the A1200 can only use 8M. You can then clock it up to f.ex 16.7 MHz, only 2 MHz above the CPU on the motherboard, and label it as an accelerator and motivate an even higher price.

So instead of making the best thing for a market segment, you can make an expansion as above and set the price right up there just below the other accelerators, because you know people will have to pay for it anyway since there are no other alternatives or competing products.
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