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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
What do you want to emulate? PSP is certainly more powerful than D's in every way.

Piracy is easier on Ds, massive library of games, but lots of them are aimed at younger minds, just how many Mario kart derivatives does a system need???

Ds won't emulate an Amiga by a long shot, but battery life on ds is better.

I never understand some attitudes to Nintendo games. People say they are childish whilst missing some of the best game playing there is to be had. I love my 3ds, I know not the subject of this thread, so sorry for the hijack. And nintendo have released some amazing games over the years. Luigis mansion 2, Mario galaxy 1 & 2 .etc etc. And yes I own an Xbox and alienware pc for more "hardcore" gaming, whatever that actually is.
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