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Originally Posted by imigger View Post
its just a shame x1000 is so expensive and the lower end ppc just suck, now if they allow it to boot on a mac g5 then there would be millions of os4 user not just 25 then there would be loads of stuff coming out ,but they have made it a niche market , so they will suffer in the end it will die just like the ppc hardware shame but im right.
well with your reasoning there should be a million old Macs running MorphOS but that's sadly not the case.
Old ppc Macs are very cheap nowadays and a MorphOS licence is not expensive either.

also there is AROS which is totally free to be used on any old PC and I enjoy using it even on my old net book via AspireOS and still no million users to be found.

I enjoy using my A1000, A1200 for my classic kicks and my A1-X1000 & AspireOS on my neybook for more modern Amiga endeavours and appreciate all those that keep contributing to this very day to the Amiga spirit whether that be 100 users or 10 million does not concern me.
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