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Originally Posted by lesta_smsc View Post
I think the most impressive thing here is that David Joiner (Talin) appears to have been a one man team for the game!

I follow him on Google+. He seems to be doing a Faery Tale 'eske game in his spare time.. Or its the thing he talked about in the EAB interview..

Either way

Originally Posted by isamu View Post

An Amiga classic and the 2nd RPG I ever played right behind Zelda. Unbelievable experience for my 14yr old mind
Yeah a follow up.. I remember buying the square boxed version on Faery Tale in Virgin Megastore. Had Book 1 on it...
Thought it was a follow up..
I emailed him about it a few years ago and it was re-released to possibly make a book 2. But Microillusions went pop!

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