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Originally Posted by Boo Boo View Post
The DX was really. Just viddi fixing background errors, please :-) do not think this should get in the way off any plans to do SF2 conversion
I decided that for now it's good enough. People usually wish for an Amiga version of SF2 with the great graphics as well as the gameplay, and I'm the same. SSF2 falls short graphically by some margin but was even worse on the eyes with all those red streaks everywhere in the background. I understand what you are saying, but the DX is the way to go for now and is pretty cool.
If I thought I could pull it off I might have started a conversion but there's some intricate stuff in there, would need to get hold of an old SF2 players guide (one of the SNES magazines published one that could make you a master) to sort out the basic mechanics even before the AI.
It was with some consideration that I chose Final Fight, but I love both games. I played SF2 (all versions) so much that I can say honestly the Amiga version of SSF2 plays as well as I could wish for and I could not convert the gameplay better. But look at the MUGEN games, and the HD remix version of SSF2. Great graphics, not so hot AI on the version I had = too easy. I think one could only consider trying it if there was a lot of input on the AI front if you really want a great conversion, although I admire the fact that it was attempted in the above case and it proves it can be done well without the 'official' AI.
This will without doubt come up again, and I haven't said I won't try - but it's a bigger undertaking. And to be sure, I've still got some way to go before most people will believe that this conversion of Final Fight will ever be finished. The first stage would be a start
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