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Originally Posted by fishyfish View Post
I assume theres some sort of dongle/receiver needed?
correct. and John has shared what you need to get to make wireless 360 pads work on PC.

I should add that they're actually really good. i've never had any lag and the range is excellent. the only downside (if it is one) is the silver xbox home button no longer works as a mappable button. it just brings up a little battery indication on screen. A bit of a shame as it'd have been great as a home button for FS UAE, but the back button serves that purpose too and the CD32 pad doesn't have a "select" button like the PS or Nintendos of old so at least your not short of a button for it

also.. in FS UAE your are able to use both the left analogue stick or the dpad without changing profiles. which comes in handy for those games that need alot of diagonal button presses, as i stated earlier i think the dpad sucks in this respect.
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