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Originally Posted by fishyfish View Post
As for xbox360 wireless controllers, can anyone tell me please how a person can use them on a computer?
There is a PC-version of the X-Box controller available. I am in the need of a new WinUAE controller now, too, because:

Saitek P150: this was my controller for the last couple of years and is perfect for my needs with good steering-cross BUT: IT BENT MY FINGERS! I always wondered why my fingers are bent and now I have found out, that all of these ergonomic stuff will bend your fingers and I wonder if that would also be a problem with the X-Box-controller. I game almost every day at least one hour, and is there a hardcore-X-Box-gamer who could tell me about that?!

Speedlink Competition Pro USB: I had those for a while but faced problems after half a year of gaming. I once opened one of it´s micro-switches to find out why that is and noticed that they are somewhat burned inside like there have been electric arcs or something. I bought a real classic Competition Pro and used it´s micro-switches in the Speedlink with the same result. So I stopped using them on a WinUAE-PC.
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