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1. You adventurer (blue scrolls) can learn "Charge Item", but it's very expensive magic points-wise. I suggest only using the horns (you get about 4 in the game) only for Banshees and maybe ghouls, however don't kill the Liche Lord with it as you won't get his crown.

You can try to learn a spell when you are camping/resting (the tent icon). Characters can have a hard time learning sppels so if it doesn't work re-load and try again so you don't waste learning points and the scroll.

Some spells can only be used when camping, some only in combat and some when you are not doing either (light for example). Buy a lantern or two until your adventurer has enough magic points to cast light and food comfortably, and always carry some emergency rations.

3. Go to the library in Newlake and use the key Shandra gave you to unlock the door in the north. Take the sleeping poison ingredient list and also search all cupboards for lots of scrolls. You mage will be able to cast scrolls for the next 100 fights
You also find a book about wind gates and a healing plant book.
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