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A Few Nintendo DS and Sony PSP Questions

Im considering treating myself to either a Nintendo DS, or PSP as a late birthday gift (or rather with some cash I got as a late birthday gift). Neither appeals to me more than the other as far as "native" games go (although I cant say Im overly familiar with the game libraries of either), so what Id like to base my decision on is the quality/quantity of emulators and homebrew, along with ease of using said emulators and homebrew (ie. do I need to use particular firmware? Do I need extra hardware, etc, etc). If Im not mistaken all the DS needs is a cartridge type adaptor, and then a person can simply use an sdcard to store emulators and rom images, etc. ? Also, does this vary from model to model? Im also under the impression that the XL has slightly enhanced hardware vs original models of the DS? As for the PSP, Im even more in the dark. So much so that I dont even know what questions are worth asking

Im a bit out of my element here so if someone could fill me in on any info that's worthwhile knowing Id appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.
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