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I was also disappointed with SSF2T as I'm sure most people were. IMO they made some poor compromises with the frames they chose to cut e.g. why include the backing off walking frames and slash some more vital ones? It seems the creators didn't really understand the vital components of the gameplay, which includes some key animation frames. The speed is also very ropey.

The non turbo version is much better. The graphics where pretty poorly done in several aspects but are fast and the gameplay is a match for the other versions. It rocks! Inspired by the DX graphic updates I looked into trying to change the .mus files used for the music by Dave Lowe, which proved impossible (for me).
The hardest thing to remake efficiently would be the AI, which was as it should be in this version - I think they got the source from Capcom.
Were it not for that and the impressive DX update from Viddi and Boo boo, I might have been working on a SF2 conversion now. This project kind of started life as a potential SF2 project, trying at great pains to get Ryu up on screen in the right resolution in a language I'd not used before. Final Fight became more appealing and seemed on the whole to be a bit easier - the AI is important for the gameplay but seems on the whole a little simpler.

Is a better version of SF2 possible? You betcha, I reckon the Amiga can handle chucking around 2 bobs at 50 fps no problem. I'm not putting my money where my mouth is yet though.

On the subject of AI - Hollywood is sliding and jump-slashing his way around the screen and Slash defends himself now. Time to put some object interaction in, collision tests, and hope it all runs quick enough
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