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Got an A500 , need help ..

Came into an Amiga 500 , have not used one for 20+ years.

It seems to be working fine except the WB 1.3 disc has many read errors.
A couple game discs boot fine so I think its just the actual disc not the drive.

Problem is many important files are unreadable, including the startup-seq.
Can not even load WB, dont even get a RAM: disc, but I can get to the CLI and read some files.

I hoped it may be possible to use a NULL serial cable and somehow transfer/ create a new WB 1.3 disc from an image on a PC ?

What's the minimum WB files I need start a serial connection and do that?
I'm hoping those files will work...

Any help or suggestions would be great...

(Also: Anyone in Calgary Canada can help get an working 1.3 disc?)

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