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After spending a couple of hours yesterday afternoon tweaking and tinkering I've now got myself a really nice HI RES PAL mode with scanlines, which is just perfect for gaming. Classics such as Turrican 2 look absolutely stunning, as did a number of tech demos I fired up.

There's a tiny 'chug' on what would normally be completely smooth scrolling text etc, if you ran the image through a TV, but it's a small price to pay for having such a lovely image on a monitor.

I think my only niggle with PAL HI RES is that I can't quite get the image full screen. It looks a little bit like a ZX Spectrum display with its border. It's a small border, but there all the same.

With regards to desktop resolutions, it's here that I'm really struggling to get anything useable. What screenmode would people recommend I try and tinker with for desktop purposes? If I've got that info I can at least go away and tinker some more.
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