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Cloanto 'Amiga for ever' is cheat not very usefull !!!

I have look again in my original cd-rom of Cloanto "Amiga for ever 4" and i am very disapointed.
In fact, the cd-rom is full of useless things if you look it closer.

I say that because, you pay for getting roms / workbench of the Amiga and what you get ??

The roms = OK, you need it, they have no other choice to give it.
It cost nothing to dump it, and you need an KeyFile to use it.

The workbench system = BAD, BAD, BAD
I will explain:
1) You get only the first Wb disk set, not the second, ect.. disk.
Useless if you want emulate totally the Amiga and doing something else than playing.
You cannot install yourself an OS on HD, for example.

I have all this day, try to install a new hd from the workbench without the others disks.
The only real solution whas to download the workbench on the internet.
And i have the right of get the full set of Amiga Workbench, i have paid for it !
It is a real shame i think.

2) You don't get any manual of the different version of the Workbench or the different Cli commands.
I have the chance, that i remember good somes usefull instructions/ use of the workbench/cli, but for the others users that have never had an Amiga and discover his wonderfull OS for the first time through the emulation, then he his completely lost.

3) The cd-roms is filled (to justify the prize) with useless datas, like the very bad movie (this is certainly not a professionnal cameraman that have done it, he can not stop of moving the camera from one side to other side in place of keep the camera stable on one place, you can't look good at what you see).
With others sound in wav format (an interview i think), and so on.

I have always protect cloanto about the piracy of the roms, when i see in differents forums asking for roms and kickstart.
But for now, i think that Cloanto do not real something for the Amiga community.
How much of all the $$$ gain with the sold of cd-rom is used for create new software for the Amiga, or for support for real the Amiga emulation.
Not a cent, i think.
In fact, Cloanto make the last $$$ with the Amiga and let it die.

Now i know, that the Amiga dream i really dead !
How can new users (users that have never had an Amiga) become interested in this old Wonderfull computer if the cannot use it for other things than play with old games.

For example, the Atari ST have all romset freely downloadable.

The very good Spectrum is more active in emulation than the Amiga community.
I explain:
1) I you look at what are searching the Amiga users (emulation users) of today at one internet site is ... adf of games, that all

I have searched a site that have something than just a lot of ADF, but find nothing.

Look at WOS, that quality internet that offer not only software for free, but you can get all free like:

Free roms of the spectrum (the OS roms), the OS manuals, the story of the creator of the Spectrum (Lord Sinclair), the story of the games, the story of the peripherals for the Spectrums, the Advertising for thousands games with scanning in colors, the scanning of thousands of covers and pages of magazines for the Spectrum, Maps and solutions for thousand of games, an very good forum the speak about the good old Spectrum and the games.
And a lot of links to others specialized Spectrums sites: Dizzy collections, Ultimate (the game software company), ect...

That is what i call an Computer fan world emulation alive.
That is what i call, do something to help for emulation community.
All is free, roms, manuals, ect... and if you need help, you just have to ask, and a lot of people are ready to help (i have help a lot of people already for the Spectrum and for others computers emulation like MAME).

This forum is very good, is usefull for all things about the Amiga, this is a very good internet site like a lot of links here.

But i think personnaly, that emulate a computer is more than just play with it nothing else.

I am very happy when i download from WOS an advertising of a game that i have see it 15 years ago, when i read technicals informations or story of how this game is made (interview of the authors).

I have never see this sort of support in the Amiga community, and Cloanto do no help the Amiga emulation world community with the selling of a stupid cd-rom incomplete.
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