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Originally Posted by diablothe2nd View Post
wow... i would like to ask why you went the catweasel route instead of just getting another DD FD from amikit or vesalia or the like but i dont want to derail the thread (if you want to satisfy my curiosity though a PM would be welcome )
A little thread derailment never hurt
It's vaguely on topic anyway. I bought it thinking it'd give me 9pin joystick support (a reasonable assumption given it has 9pin joystick/mouse ports) for amithlon, which unfortunately wasnt the case. Being able to use amiga floppies under amithlon (I have hundreds of amiga magazine cover floppies) was a secondary consideration that just happened to be the only useful thing that works. Id have never bought it at all had I known this was the case, as my a1200 floppy drive eing able to read suffices %99 of the time.

As for xbox360 wireless controllers, can anyone tell me please how a person can use them on a computer? Im quite fond of them (as are Nintendo apparently,... the Wii U joypads look nigh on identical). I assume theres some sort of dongle/receiver needed?

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