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Originally Posted by nineoc View Post
-As for changing the IP Address, it is intended as an experiment, as the Amiga's IP Address, which is the address set in the AE Properties of both PC's as
Yep, this is what I wanted to know. And it's correct. Note that if you change the IP address of the Amiga, you have to change it in all these places, too.

-The Dynamic IP Address range of the router is from the low side around to the high side of
In the other thread you said that the range goes from 1 to 253 which leaves nothing for the Amiga. It does not matter if you reduce the upper bound or increase the lower bound. I just thought that it's easier to change the upper boundary because then you don't need to change the Amiga's address.

An associate suggested
to set the Amiga's Static Address outside that range to see if it makes a difference,
That's exactly my goal. But as (according to your other thread) there is no address left outside the range, you first have to change the range.

hence my query as to how to access the setting.
I don't know if AmiTCP has a configuration GUI. Anyhow, you can change the IP address with a text editor in the provider.conf file in the db directory. But you have to restart AmiTCP (or the Amiga) after the change. Be sure to keep backup copies of the files before you change them.
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