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Originally Posted by thomas View Post
I am quite sure that I only asked for screen shots and not to change something.

A MAC address is a 48 bit value. Writing it as six two-digit hexadecimal numbers seperated by colons is the usual notation. Try 00 as first value. Or try upper case letters.

However, I am quite sure that you do not need this static DHCP entry because AmiTCP cannot use DHCP anyway. What you should do instead is to reduce the range of addresses which are used for DHCP below the one used by the Amiga. For example you could use 1 through 120 for DHCP. I guess you will never have 120 PCs at your home at the same time.

And you still did *not* give the IP address which is configured in Amiga Explorer. You only wrote that it's the same on both PCs.

---Hello again Thomas:

-Must have misunderstood, my apologies. Will attempt to get screenshots.

-As for changing the IP Address, it is intended as an experiment, as the Amiga's IP Address, which is the address set in the AE Properties of both PC's as

-The Dynamic IP Address range of the router is from the low side around to the high side of An associate suggested
to set the Amiga's Static Address outside that range to see if it makes a difference, hence my query as to how to access the setting.

-Will experiment with your suggestion to reduce the range of the router and see what happens.
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