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i will try to set up manual lists, thanks for the description!!

but for hacks / tweaks - i only use the classicwb v26 startup (wb3.1) with an extra line for acatune and nothing else. i think classicwb includes quite some hacks but should be common to other users. did anyone else using classicwb have issues on exiting?

i could have left in the "c:loadwb" line but it gives me a graphics corruption on exit. (like someone else hhere had) so for the moment i leave it as ";c:loadwb" and do a hard reset to exit x-bench.

best regards!

edit: something i just noticed... when i want to start xbench manually by double clicking it via workbench a freewheel v2.1/copper demon 3.2 - window pops up. the launcher doesn't start then. only via the "execute...."-line in my startup-sequence. whatever this means...

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