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@pintcat: Thanks. Will have a go at that =)

Edit: Cant get it to work 100%. However, I loaded the default core and checked on the monitor what it thought it got for resolution. The screen said 1624x574 so I entered that into VGA modes and now I get a decent picture anyway and can play some more with it to get it as perfect as possible =)

Gah! Ok, so I seem to be able to find a good resolution now, but still get the blue on all text and vertical lines. See image. TV bottom (OK), monitor on top (Blue text and lines).

Edit: if you look really close on the above image, you can see a single red line on the right edge as well. I guess all colors are off by one pixel or something.

Edit2: Upon closer inspection, there is also a yellow line there.

Edit3: Dont know if its related but if I set it to output 800x600, the monitor says 800x599. If I set it to 800x601, the monitor says 800x600. no difference in colorshift though.

Edit4: I also checked what the screen thought the resolution was with HighGFX 1024x768 using the default core. That turned out to be 1096x772, so I configured that one as well.
I now have working settings for PAL, PAL-Interlace and HighGFX 1024x768 with the Samsung 245B monitor. However, the colorshift is still there. It needs finetuning but I see no reason to do that just yet as I cant get rid of the colorshift...
Here is the config if anyone wants to play. You'll find two new modes at the bottom, both starting with SyncMaster.

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