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Actually, I should clarify that in the above post by me regarding catweasel I was referring to Windows/winuae.
I actually bought it hoping to use it with my amithlon box, only to find out that there's no drivers at all for joystick support for AmigaOS3.x.
While disappointed I decided instead to use it with my AROS box, only to discover that AROS only has support for Catweasel mk4, and mine is a mk3 (zorro/pci flipper card).
As a last resort I decided to give it a try on Windows/Winuae, only to discover how bad these drivers are (and a browse online revealed that this is the case for both mk3 and 4).

While I have no experience with the Catweasel joystick support for aros/os4.x/mos I do know theyre (drivers) written by someone else (Ian/spiranto) so it's quite possible/probable the above doesnt apply.

On the plus side of my own experiences, at least it gives me the ability to write "amiga" floppies. Something my a1200 cant do (only reads).
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