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I still can not get a decent picture on my Syncmaster 245B.

Must admit that I do not understand most settings and what they do, or why there are 3 different places where the resolution is displayed (one in VGA modes and twice in the "Indivision AGA MK2" main window.

Anyway I test, these are the two different modes I manage to get... also note the blue hue on everything on the monitor on the top. This is with Pal-interlace but same thing with HighGFX.

Default core (old one) works fine. Not centered and blinks on certain actions, but I get a great picture in all modes.

With "Lines" off, it will not fill the entire screen. Please excluse the messy room =) This is the best picture to see that all the text is in blue on monitor but black on TV.

With "Lines" set to any other mode then off, it fills too much.

Zoom of TV with lines on:

Same picture but on monitor:

Yes, some options might be hell off but I've been testing variations for over an hour with no difference. The only thing I managed to do is to get the picture to fit the screen to the left and top.

With default core. All colors are as they should (black is black):

HighGFX 1024x768:

Pal-Interlace (fuzzy picture. Looks good IRL):

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