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fishy , a power mac g4 1.25ghz dual i brought for 25 pounds , so if i can get 1 that cheap so could everyone else, now i would sooner pay that for outdated ppc equipment than 3k ,yes g4 and g5 are part of the ppc death but atleast there still get used for something abit more promising, and for the price i bet most people would buy 1 just to have a go on os4, its all about markets people buy tablet pc,s for 2 reason number 1 there cheap ,number 2 there easy to use, what is os4 category owe yeah amiga geeks like us, so i think im right if they dont release it for pc or mac i cant see it really doing much , and i bet sales are well rubbish, but they must want it to not sell its like the commodore days again.
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