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So now I've been playing this for the past days straight and have reached the Mines in the Forest Moon. I have Egil, Nelvin, Sabine, Valdyn and Tor, a very nice party and most importantly, I can cast six times the powerful Ice spell (Eis Schauer) with my two destructo-mages :] Tor is a much better choice than the female Alchemist who couldn't do anything the Adventurer or Ranger can't.

After playing it again, I noticed quite some bad design decisions that I overlooked in the past:

Weapons that break frequently (Firebrand), esp. early game when there's no repairing
Gold weighing so much
Fights taking forever because fighters seldomly hit even with maxed attack stats
Those blue glittering dots on the forest moon where insects attack, makes traveling such a pain!
No minimap, everything looks similar so I have to constantly check the map, thanks god there's at least a compass

Of course, the game is from the early 90s so it's excusable

The game would make a good candidate for a boardgame version, with the party cooperatively traveling across Lyramion and through dungeons, and every combat encounter is played out on a simple 6x5 battlegrid. Maybe I'll start creating some stuff for it, just for fun
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