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Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post
Cool, good idea

Can you also set SuperPlus and HighGFX up using this method?

Did you manage to get your modes centered and full screen?
yes for the high rez modes pick a screen in Dpaint <= 4BPP so you'll not run into problems. Obviously, you could use something other that dpaint... anything with a screen requestor (avoid MUI apps or something with call inspector)

I really don't want most of my screens except for HD720 to appear fullscreen. That would really distort the aspect ratio. What I aim for was full height.... or close to... and obviously centered

here are the modes I'm happy with (for now)

NTSC LO/LACE/HIGH (not quite full height but ok)
PAL LO/LACE/HIGH (perfect)
HGFX (perfect)
HD720 (perfect)

I have not perfected multiscan or any of the "DBL" modes. I don't have the "DBL" monitor drivers installed. Multiscan I would have thought would be so close to PAL-Lace that it would be simple, but whatever reason it reacts different to the settings...

I don't see the point of Multiscan mode when my PAL-LACE looks just as good with more speed.

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