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Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
There is no Blaster, Knockout 2, Extreme violence and even Quick money. How comes?
The 100 games were arrived at by Graham and myself producing our own top 100 individual lists - these lists had 36 games which we both agreed on but others which were unique to our own tastes. We then both submitted 32 games from our remaining 64 games to come up with a top 100.

There are games which obviously are not on the list and I could easily list 170+ pd games which are worthy of playing and there are some games that I and Graham have not played or may have forgotten about - the difficulty is limiting them into a top 100 and then ranking them.

If you feel that Blaster - Knockout 2, Extreme Violence and Quick Money are worthy of being in the top 100 PD games of all time then all we ask is you produce a short 150 word review of the games to be included in the article. Click here to see an example of the reviews we are writing. Then add your votes including those games.

From a personal point of view Renegades was my selection for an Extreme Violence 2 player death match type game and Deluxe Galaga as a Shooter game -

Knockout is a unique type of game and probably should be in the list but where it would rank is difficult to say as there are some other great multiplayer games on the list. I have to admit I have never played Quick Money but from what I ve read it is similar to Rocketz / Gravity Power in being a two player combat game but it lacked the variety of mazes that those two games had.
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