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Originally Posted by kipper2k View Post
an option to revert to previous screenmode if you dont press accept changes would be nice, that way once you have a display of some sorts on the screen you should always be able to get back if changes arent accepted within lets say 15 seconds ?
kippper, i'm not claiming to be an expert with this tool but I have had good luck tuning it by doing the following:

set WB to PAL LACE. I just did this so I could use my little TV because once the flash failed and I had lost all modes.

1. load dpaint5 and open the screen mode you want to tune...

2. left Amiga N back to WB.

3. Invivision tool. Edit the mode you opened in Dpaint5. Apply Changes

4. swich back to Dpaint. check out results.

6. step # 2

I was able to get all my modes looking as good as my minimig 1.1 and even better because its AGA.

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