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Hi Ebster.
Originally Posted by Ebster View Post
i must admit that i haven't read the whole thread yet, but "exit" does not work for me. it just shows an empty grey screen with the thin white workbench header and the mouse pointer.
You're the first one with this kind of problem. Maybe a bug with some hack/patch added in your workbench ?

Originally Posted by Ebster View Post
and i am not sure how to use the ".exe" and "manual" launchers. is there a manual on this?
It's fastly explained in the but i must update this guide for the next release. The .exe work as the .slave/whdload. This is simply scanning your hd to create launching list with all the files that end with .exe.

With manual selected you simply have to edit by yourself the listing with a text editor. Edit the "prefs/list1" file if you put the list1 to manual, the "prefs/list2" file if you put the list2 to manuel, etc ,etc, ... The first line of the listing will be the displayed name, the second the command to execute, the third one the name of the second prog, the 4th one the command to execute ect ect.

For example if you set the list one to manual and then edit it:

c:run >nil: work:tools/protracker/protracker3.15
c:run >nil: work:tools/octamedstudio/octamed4
c:run >nil: work:tools/DigiboosterPro/Digiboosterpro2

In addition of that you have the xbench scripts, the .xbs ; You can put them in the same drawer that your .exe or .slave. When xbench launch a whdloadgame or a .Exe it check before if exist a .xbs in the same directory and execute it instead of the .exe or .slave. Really usefull if your .exe need to be assigned before starting or if you want for example add a cracktro.exe in a script before launching your whdload .slave or for launching a whdload game with some strange tooltypes.

Hope i've helped you !

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