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Originally Posted by Riempie View Post
Finally had some time to play with the config-tool. I think I don't understand much of it or I'm doing something wrong. My screenmode-settings is pal super hi-res laced. In the config-tool I selected HIGHGFX 1024x768 and click on apply. I change the screenmode prefs to highgfx too and then the whole screen of the monitor is filled (16:9). Nice, but the icons are too big though and stretched out. When I start a whdload-game the screen turns black (can hear the sound playing). I press the quit-key and I get back to workbench. I also tried some other modes but I can't get any game to work with the new config-tool. So I flashed back my original core with the original flash software. Now at least the games work again and the workbench looks great again in s-hires laced with small icons. But the screen is not entirely filled. I hoped the config-tool would fill the whole screen with my current screenmode settings... So I'm back to the orginal core and settings now... Maybe the documentation will help me once it's ready...
Make sure you choose HighGFX Super-High res laced in "Display mode preferences". Click "save"

Then open config-tool and choose HighGFX interlace 1024x768 and click "Apply" and save

Then go back to config-tool and choose PAL 800x600 and click "Apply" and save.
Should work.
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