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Hello to all Amiga fans out there!!!

Hello all! Name's Pottyboy! Big gaming fan... and an Amiga fanatic!

My real name is Andrew, aged 26, have asperger's syndrome, and have come all the way from the (not very) sunny South East of England I host a podcast called R.M.I. Fusion (RMI stands for Retro, Modern & Indie), in which me and the other guys Will, Tony and Malc talk about gaming in general, new or retro. You can find us at, and also on podomatic and itunes.

I also have my own YouTube channel at, home of Pottyboy Plays and my Amiga series TEARS, in which I review and rate the best and worst games on the Amiga.

Anyway, I've been a massive Amiga fan since my dad got himself an A500 back in the early 90s (I remember he got the cartoon classics pack, though that may have been the A500+). Since then we went on to the A500+ and then the A1200, which he still has to this very day

Fave games are Cannon Fodder 1&2, Wing Commander, Monkey Island 1&2, Stunt Car Racer, Aladdin, Super Skidmarks, Fears (yes I actually LIKED that one for some reason!), Gloom Deluxe, Superfrog, Theme Park AGA, Another World, Battle Squadron, Disposable Hero, Simon The Sorcerer... I could go on!

Anyways, I hope to have a great time here over at the English Amiga Board
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