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Found the cause of the hit. Occurs long before the game quits, but you just don't see it before you quit (you can try doing Amiga-M while the game runs).

Seems to be a potential cause for other problems as well. Not obvious to fix, however.
I will do another update next week.

Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey View Post
Tried the second version on my A1200/040, never got a single lock-up thankfully. However (and this might be a silly question) does the game ever go back to the title screen? If I lose the game just starts again with a different backdrop and resets the scores to zero. Is there supposed to be a high score table or anything?
The game has a hi-score screen but it's so ugly it's hard to believe. Perhaps you don't want to see it, but if you really want to (don't blame me !), then delete file KARATE.SCR to reset the scores (you may want to just rename it temporarily instead...).
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