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Originally Posted by Art View Post
No worries about SuperPlus. I can achieve SuperPlus by choosing in "Display Mode" either HighGFX or Xtreme and then in "Indivision AGA Mk2" config tool I choose either HighGFX interlaced or Xtreme interlaced and adjust to 800x600 or 1024x768 there. It is exactly the same thing Works great! No black screen or glitches. I am using 22" LG Flatron M227WDP LCD TV 50/60hz

For now I run games in PAL 800x600 (still windowed not full screen like SCART) lines 75%, 724x283. But the "windowed window" is now much bigger than before I didn't spend much time adjusting PAL. Will figure it out later. Maybe there is an option to stretch/adjust the picture in S-Hires "Double" option. I will look into that later. I am very satisfied with this tool !
OK, I forgot to override the limits. Now when I change PAL from 724x283 to 800x299 games run full screen. I cannot go vertical over 300 or the screen is shaking.

My settings:

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