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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
I'll be back in Germany next week and will see what I can do in terms of documentation. I already found that the programmer has done some tweaks to the tool, so there's something new to try next week.

The "SuperPlus" mode is currently not supported. However, the default config should display practically all modes, including SuperPlus. While I'm nowhere near any Amiga and measuring equipment, you can do some measuring with Indivision AGA MK2:

- use a monitor that displays all modes
- extend the display time for the OSD (drop-down menu)
- switch to SuperPlus and write down which mode the unit is thinking the Amiga displays
- edit that mode in the config tool to display the whole screen that the Amiga outputs

The result may be that you have to sacrifice compatibility with one of the existing Amiga screenmodes - at least for now. If your monitor shows all other modes, but not SuperPlus, then the current screenmode recognition is already good enough for separating that new mode from all the others. It'll be just a small adjustment in the configtool then, so "black screen" would be even better news.

All those who still have problems, don't hesitate to play with the tool and make adjustments. It'll take some time, I know, but you may be successful before I finish a small documentation of the tool.

Those who report "colour shifting" or "green shifting", please take a picture and post it here. Whatever terms you find for an error description will produce a different picture in my head than what you have on screen. With all due respect: words are useless here.

No worries about SuperPlus. I can achieve SuperPlus by choosing in "Display Mode" either HighGFX or Xtreme and then in "Indivision AGA Mk2" config tool I choose either HighGFX interlaced or Xtreme interlaced and adjust to 800x600 or 1024x768 there. It is exactly the same thing Works great! No black screen or glitches. I am using 22" LG Flatron M227WDP LCD TV 50/60hz

For now I run games in PAL 800x600 (still windowed not full screen like SCART) lines 75%, 724x283. But the "windowed window" is now much bigger than before I didn't spend much time adjusting PAL. Will figure it out later. Maybe there is an option to stretch/adjust the picture in S-Hires "Double" option. I will look into that later. I am very satisfied with this tool !
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