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Big grin My Amiga Collection

I have just bought these lot from a true amiga collector whom just wanted to sell off all his collections

It costs me a fortune, to ship these to my location

23 x A500's (2 motherboards that need minor repairs, the rest 21 worked fine)
2 x A4000
2 x A600's (1x Boxed)
5 x A1000's
3 x A1200's (1 motherboard needs new gfx chip)
5 x A2000's
2 x CD32 (1x Boxed)
2 x A1200 tower both with blizzard / 64 mb ram
1 x A1000 Sidecar
4 x A590's (1x Boxed)
1 x GVP A500 HD +8
1 x A570 (Boxed)
1 x SX1 (CD32 Expansion)
12 x External Disk Drives
10+ Monitors (A few work, some need minor repair)
1 x Zip Drive (minus power supply)
5 x RF Modulators
App. 30 Amiga Joysticks
App. 30 Amiga Mice
1 x VXL 030 Card For A500 (Boxed)
1 x MBX 1200z + 4 meg ram
App. 5 x 2 Way Rom Switcher's
1 x 3 Way Rom Switcher
1 x Mega Midget Racer 030 Card for A500 + 8 megs ram
1 x SVGA Card For A500 (already mounted in an A500)
1 x Surf Squirrel (Boxed)
2 x Joy Mouse Auto Switcher (Boxed)
1 x C64 Emulator + Cord
1 x PC 2 Amiga Linkup Cable (Boxed)
1 x Techno Sound Stereo Sampling Cartridge
1 x Video Master Video Digitizer (For A500)
1 x Live! 2000 Video Card (Boxed)
1 x Power Copy (Boxed)
1 x Rocgen Plus Genlock (Boxed)
1 x Datel Zorro Expansion Board (For A500)
1 x XEL Expansion Card for A500/1000
1 x GVP Impact 2000 SCSI Card
1 x Amiga SCSI & IDE Card For Amiga 2500
1 x 8UP! Memory Card For A2000/3000/4000
1 x RM2MC 2MB Ram Card For A500
2 x Kickstart 3.0 Roms For A1200
1 x Kickstart 2.04 Roms For A500
3 x Kickstart 1.2 or 1.3 Roms for A500
7 x Assorted SCSI Hard Drives
3 x SCSI CDRom's
216+ Amiga CD's (90% Originals)
5500+ Assorted Amiga Floppy Disks (Nearly 75% of known amiga games)
800+ Amiga Coverdisks
100+ Original Amiga Games Disks (Not in original boxes, some have manuals)
App. 80+ Boxed original games
App. 320 Amiga Magazines
1 x Shite load of manuals & books

Not bad for starting off my amiga collecting hobby

I love amiga and its accessories

Hail to the Amiga!
Hail to the Amiga!
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