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I see that is an Ancient thread but here comes the Spanish Armada :

Army moves : Surprised no one mentioned it yet, like many others I put here they took a speccy game, ported it to the amiga with GFX looking more or less the same or even worse, add some ridiculously difficult gameplay an rise it to the absurd and finally an annoying "The River Kway March" tune played with buzzer sounds and the sound filter in ON if I recall ok. A true Gem and a paradox as normally you'll find it funny.

Navy Moves : A sequel of the above game, a bit (only a bit!) better in technical side, but a fail as this is not even funny .

Aspar : Based on Jorge Martinez "Aspar" a quite famous 125cc bike racer from the late 80s, top view dull bike racing game. apply more or less the said above.

AMC : Famous for being shipped with an A500 pack on its day, looks ok on pictures?, at least they use coper bars for background so not a simple ST port, well: this is the slowest scrolling routine that ever seen on an amiga, feels like that the entire game is driven by a severely overheated 6502 (with my respects to the ancient 6502).
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