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I voted "I bought some and copied some games". My Dad used to swap games, or rather exchange copies of games, with his colleagues at work. Basically if he/we wanted something he'd give them the disks and they'd try to copy it, and we did the same for them. I also used to swap games with my best friend at primary school, sometimes we would also make compilations for each other of PD games or utilities. Most of my families games came this way, mainly because most of the copied games weren't that good anyway. Usually if I or my parents really wanted a game they would buy it. Some of the copies were cracks, so I can only assume one of my Dads work mates knew a cracker and the games went round the whole office.

(EDIT) Now I but original Amiga games from eBay. The only copies I have are my own backups and a few that came with my A600,(Fire and Ice and Street Fighter 2) which I don't use use anyway.
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