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Have a look at the ACA1220, from £72 and will give you 128mb Ram and Maprom to load in a custom Rom or just map your internal Rom to the fast memory to speed up your system:

Often 4/8mb Ram boards on eBay can sell for a similar price unless you can find one on Amibay cheaper, but they don't come up too often now.

There are other ACA's too that provide 030 CPU's for a bit more of a speed boost, but for just WHDload the 1220 is perfect and it's a brand new item with warranty.

The only point to mention with the ACA cards is they can bring out timing issues that you might not get with other cards and can mean spending extra money getting timing fixes done or capacitors replaced which eventually you'll need to do the latter anyway... (Assuming you can't do the work yourself.)
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