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disk rip goes like this.
Note that all P61A are split.
Now, first header is at pos 7D000h on disk and is F42h bytes big
its sample data is at pos 7E000h on disk and is 32650h bytes big

At pos 2D400h, there's RNC crunched header of the next zik. Its size is DBEh (replace PDR with RNC to decrunch)
at pos 4800h, there's RNC crunched sample data of this zik. its size is 28B0Ah (replace PDR with RNC to decrunch)

At pos D9C00h, there's RNC cruncher header of last zik. its size is 5C7h bytes (replace PDR with RNC to decrunch)
its sample data is inside a split RNC. First part is at pos 68200h and goes for 5000h bytes. second part is at D2C00h and goes for 6E12h bytes. join both parts, replace PDR with RNC to decrunch.

Join headers and sample data and there you go for the P61A files.

Sorry about being off topic ... Still if anyone knows how to contact Paradroid, please ask him to share the original protrackers (that goes for the former Rink A Dink prod as well )

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