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I´ve noticed strange phenomenon in certain modes.
My 24" 16:9 LCD display is connected via DVI/HDMI. In lower resolutions, there are ghosts, or shadows around contrast edges. For example... black shell text on light gray background - black text has blue ghost on the left, and kinda yellowish ghost on the right. I would expect such ghosting if my LCD was connected via analog VGA, but as I said, it is connected digitally.
Is it caused by scaling in monitor, or in MK2 ? I've noticed that there are both VGA and DVI modes enabled in the config.
I've noticed this on both of my LCD screens (17'' 1280x1024 EIZO LCD, and 24'' 1920x1200 ASUS LCD) Any opinions ?

Also I can't get any compatible mode for low-res PAL to work properly. I tried pintcat's TEST PAL mode values, the picture is well centered horizontally, but is shifted downwards by about 20 pixels so the bottom of the screen is cut off.
I hope someone posts a compatible mode soon

Thanks anyway Jens for a great job.
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