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Originally Posted by Ted1969 View Post
Anyway, enough rambling from me for now, I hope to test a beta WinUAE sometime in the future with the original Rink-A-Dink and get past the bootloader.
Use OCS config or Full ECS. Reading from non-existing register (DENISEID) works incorrectly because my test A500 isn't exactly in original configuration and made my tests invalid.. (Noticed few days ago..)

btw, I solved missing left edge border in rotozoomer part but implementing it properly won't be trivial.. Bitplanes have the HRM documented delay after BPL1DAT has been written but already "armed" sprites will become visible immediately. Which means sprites can be visible in exactly 1 lores pixel wide region just before first bitplane pixel. (Of course, only if DIWSTRT is small enough)

Be prepared for DMA timing hell, lol
I am quite sure it isn't that bad anymore. Copper/bitplane/etc timing was nearly fully done few years ago. Biggest problem was missing test cases, everything just worked until now

(Only known problems are those programs that poke blitter registers, mostly accidentally, while blitter is already active. This is practically impossible to emulate without blitter circuit or logic diagrams..)
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