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That's good to hear Toni. If it adds to the accuracy of an emulator that has a very high level of compatibility, with far more configs and software than other emulated systems, then us emulator enthusiasts benefit. Seemingly it will add to your satisfaction in creating something that should handle all the tricks and turns that demo (and some game) programmers throw at it.

I'm quite grateful to the Lemon people (ex-Core Design (Tomb Raider), whom knows ?) for getting it to work on WinUAE, because I currently haven't got a working A500 / A1200 setup. Although I own both machines and I know my A1200 still works, I haven't got a ready display device or external flicker-fixer that will allow me to run native Amiga modes. Perhaps it's just programming evolution for those that have transitioned through many API and hardware revisions applying a little knowledge to extend compatibility... the demo still doesn't work on A1200's apparently and I don't know about other A500 configs. I guess the maxim should be - It's an OCS demo, it's tested and works on A500 OCS.

Anyway, enough rambling from me for now, I hope to test a beta WinUAE sometime in the future with the original Rink-A-Dink and get past the bootloader.


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