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Wow. This is a really nice tool! No April 1st joke

I'm using HDMI. I really like the scanlines. Thanks Jens!

I was able to tweak my PAL lace mode to look really nice. It always looked fuzzy before on my Samsung 27" monitor. This really helps ShapeShifter...

I did not play with it much but I did get a PAL lace picture on my LG TV. The colors were all distorted but it did fill the screen really well. I gave up messing with it because I wanted to go watch TV

this is my setup, what I'm trying to do:

PC & Amiga -> HDMI switch -> powered HDMI splitter/amp -> 50 foot cable -> Harmon Kardon receiver -> LG 65" TV

Ideally I want to find some modes that work correctly on both screens. Its just going to take some tinkering Lucky for me the Samsung seems to be one of the few that worked with the stock core with HDMI. It seems pretty flexible.

If that works I may try to add add this.

wish they made one HDMI end to end.
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