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well, i'll use the atari emulator WinSton for my example.

(ignoring the fact it has a built in TOS rom, since i know you cant do this (without getting in the shit) with the amiga..)

you load it, it works. from the first install you are emulating a base level 520stfm, you can add memory to it, and choose between about 2 resolutions.

you run it, it works, not happy, then tweak it.

with winuae, you have to effectively run it, build your own amiga, choos from about 5000 resolutions, and it's still impossible to build an a1200 since you cant select the timings for it.

i'm talking hardware presets here, not configs.

winuae is making great progress, but instead of keep adding to it, how about making it more simple, clean and robust?

i suppose i'm almost suggesting that winuae breaks from the 'uae' and goes solo. and prehaps that's the answer.

anyways, just my take.
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