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I tried the new tool, did the "reflash all" thing and it completed OK. But I have problems, either the picture is bigger than the screen or it is a little window in the middle.

I use a 1280x1024 SyncMaster 931BF monitor with kipper2k's hdmi adapter and a hdmi->dvd-d cable plugged in the dvi-d input of the monitor.

Here are the monitor's supporter resolutions:

and here is PAL High Res displayed on a 1280x1024/75 screen:

more detail:

and the resolution's specs, there is no 135mhz pixel clock (don't know if it is relevant, tried to make my own resolution from a copy of the default but still could not get 135mhz)

and here is PAL High Res Laced on the 1280x1024/75hz preset:

notice how much it crops from left and right and the most at bottom:

and this is what happens in PAL High Res when you turn Lines to OFF (it shows a strip image...)

HighGFX Super-High Res Laced looks fine on the default 1024x768/60hz screen, occupies all screen space without cropping but it flashes when for example you choose an icon from the workbench (ie a HDD icon)
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