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Originally Posted by Lobotomika View Post
Thanks for posting this; I had no idea this existed. Of course they won't be able to do something as good as M&M VI: The Mandate of Heaven but I'm very happy that greedy publishers finally realized that tile based; and in general, oldschool games are commercially viable thanks to Legend of Grimrock. No I'm not happy to see M&M go tile based (this comes from an Eye of the Beholder fan) but I didn't really expect to see a new M&M game at all. This is a must buy.

M&M 6 to 8 (even 9? can't remember, that game was WAY terrible) had this option that you could switch between turn based and real time combat if you pressed the Enter key. I wonder if this made ubisoft any interesting ideas.

Gameplay video, if you're interested
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