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Originally Posted by ptyerman View Post
In my router config I can forward ports from any IP address/PC to any IP address/ports. I set up my router to forward the ports for my main PC only, I guess if I tried to connect from one of my other PC's I would have the same problem until I set the router again. Might not be anything to do with your problem but it's only a suggestion and something to think of.
Very interesting, thank you.

Originally Posted by thomas View Post
I got the manual from there:

Chapter 2.1.1 on page 33 tells you how to access the web configurator. The IP address has been changed in your environment, though. You have to enter in a web browser. User id and password should have been given to you by the technician who configured the router.

Chapter 8 "Home Networking" describes the router configuration in detail. Please make hardcopies of the LAN setup screen (page 130), the static DHCP screen (page 132), the routing screen (page 148) and the access control screen (page 220).

And what are these properties?
The latest:

The manual you referred to is not the same as the one I initially looked at. Yours is more comprehensive than what I found, which appears to be more of a simplified user-guide, so thank you for that. In following your directions in getting to the Static DHCP screen, it asks for the Amiga's MAC Address. The ethernet feature is built into the DKB Wildfire 060 card, and I do not know how to find it. Will experiment some more to find it.

As for the AE Properties on the two PC's, am having another intermittent problem with locating them. I cannot always get the IP Address window visible on either one of the PC's when clicking on the Properties item in the menu.

More experimentation required to get them back.

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