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I plad this game a bit as a kid but didn't get too far, maybe up to the Bandit's House in the desert and the orc cave. My older brother however got much further and maybe even completed it. It always felt like such an epic game, with the huge open overworld, cities, dungeons, and even two moons... A far cry from games like Eye of the Beholder where you are confined to a single dungeon.

One time my brother managed to put his high-level character files into my game and I was able to kill the lowly thieves with my Scimitar-equipped heroes... Good fun

And I remember the Firebrand (Flamberge) being such an awesome weapon, I loved the magic effect graphic in combat. And before you get it, all those bandits close in on you in the bandit house... scary and very threatening!

The intro music when the clouds part always startled me because it was so loud

Graphics indeed where top-notch, of course 3D dungeons were unheard of at this time and the first fight against the lizard from the basement well was mighty impressive. Another thing I found to be cool was that even the starting location had to be re-visited multiple times, when you can break through the basement walls and get to the epic fight against gargantua... I recall this huge blue spider coming after my brother's party.

Some years ago I started playing it again on WinUAE but in the circular hallway with the wandering lightning bolts I couldn't figure out the door with four symbols on it. Only about a year later did I finally finish it

I think I'm gonna start playing it again now, anybody got a good idea for a perfect party?

My old party had (sorry if some names are off, my memory is fading :

Erin the warrior
Nelvin the mage
Sabine the healer
The Lion Heart guy
the female illusionist (or something like that) with the venice carnevale-mask (which was quite sucky IIRC )

P.S.: For all german-speaking players: I alwas liked the description when an attempt to learn a new spell failed: "Die Schriftrolle zerkrumpelt") (The scroll crumples). "zerkrumpelt, such a funny word, actually me and a friend of mine who also played it a bit back then (nearly 20 years go) still sue the word sometimes win all board and videogames that have scrolls in them
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