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Good thing we finally got something to play with, however I couldn't get it to work particularly well. The 1.0 core still seems to work best for me in high resolutions. In PAL this version did do better with scanlines working, but I'm still waiting for a 50 Hz VSync output mode for it to be proper and usable for gaming.

The green channel seems to be shifted, but maybe this is what he means with inverted sync polarity. I couldn't seem to undo it though, but maybe it's not implemented yet.

I am usually running in HighGFX in WB, but it wouldn't let me see more than 800x600 of it, covering the rest in black borders, so it wasn't very useful.

Also, when I was in PAL mode changing settings for other output modes like HighGFX, it would also change the PAL output mode, causing my screen to turn off due to some invalid setting.

I'm hoping someone will create some good settings for me (and others) to try out since it's very tedious for me to press buttons on my monitor to switch to composite every time I get an invalid mode. Would be a lot easier with two monitors.
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